Arms Engineers & Contractors is a firm based in Bangalore, Construction of Residential, Industrial and Commercial Buildings. In the duration of our existence, we have managed to make a mark in our field by carrying out quality jobs using a systematic & scientific approach and applying a professional attitude to an otherwise largely unorganized sector.

The quest for Arms engineers & Contractors began in 2003 but its roots run deeper Arms Engineers & Contractors has earned a reputation that is second to none a reputation based on our “Quality first” approach that pays as much attention to modern technology as it does to traditional virtues like integrity and belief in customer satisfaction.

There is a thin line that separates the merely good form the great. To cross that line takes a passion that goes beyond dedication as obsession to achieve perfection in ones chosen field. For us at Arms engineers & Contractors, the quest for the elusive goal of perfection has been a successful one. The quest continues, spurring us to greater achievements. Today, we are the foremost Water proofing; Structural Rehabilitation and Retrofitting contractors based In Bangalore.

We have had the pleasure of dealing with the leading and prominent architects and consultants in the field and have applied our expertise to the most prestigious structures in Bangalore. Our list of completed jobs reads like a who’s who of Bangalore.

We have, over the years repaired, restored and waterproofing, numerous prestigious structures named below

  • We employ experienced and qualified personnel
  • Do not believe in short cuts rather we do work the way it should be done
  • Honestly and in the correct manner to ensure guaranteed effectiveness and long term durability


Our vision is to see each and every person successful, who are associated with Arms Engineers & Contractors because to become the most successful leader is person to person, must grow as, and individual as well as a group.

To consciously face bigger challenges and continuously contribute growth and progress in order to build a meaningful world.


Arms Engineers & Contractors dedicates its success today to its unquestionable quality, reliability and above all self less ness in work we will help others win and we must win too we believe firmly conscious flow of energy into getting positive result without getting into the trap of blaming, justifying our acts. We believe in honesty, freedom and fairness in all aspects of our work


Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Each team member possesses specialized industry knowledge and brings a global network of renowned industry and technology experts. The unique combination of our team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and perspectives. Our specialized team members have helped us reach heights as industrial contractors, and build power sector for industries. Everybody in the company works on customer support, so a willingness to enthusiastically help the user of offer solution is a steadfast requirement


The breadth and depth of our expert staff members allows us the flexibility to undertake any construction work form evaluating one specific feature to designing the structure and interaction of a large-scale site.

Our team is adept at working alongside with our client, promoting a constant exchange of ideas

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